nimbleDataProPlus / nimbleDataPlusLite User Guide

nimbledataProPlus / nimbleDataPlusLite Setup

To setup nimbledataProPlus properly, please follow the steps as given below:

  • Make sure you have valid subscription of nimbledataProPlus.
  • Make sure that the Technical Analysis and Charting Platforms you wish to run nimbleDataProPlus are already installed and running properly.
  • Download nimbledataProPlus from our Download Section and run the installer once downloaded.
  • Follow the instructions on screen and select the target Technical Analysis and Charting Platform for which you want to install nimbleDataProPlus. If you want to download data in more than 1 application, run the installer as many times as the number of platforms and select the desired target platform each time.
  • Start your Technical Analysis / Charting Software. Once started and if configured properly, it should show you the login dialogue box as shown below. This marks the successful completion of installation of nimbleDataProPlus.

  • Please refer to platform specific installation and configuration information by selecting the desired platform on left hand side.

Dictionary Setup - how it works :

MetaStock Professional does not support symbol names of more than 14 characters. To overcome this problem, you can use 'Dictionary' feature - as explained below. While this feature was mainly designed to overcome MetaStock's inability to handle symbol length of more than 14 characters, you can use it for other purposes in other charting platforms as well.

  • Install latest nimbleDataProPlus by downloading it from our Download Section.
  • Open file dictionary.csv in notepad from C:\nimbleDataProPlus directory.
  • Now you will need to specify symbol names one on each line as per following convention :
    <Symbol name1 as you want in charting platform><comma><Exchange><comma><Symbol name1 as it exists on our server><Enter>
    <Symbol name2 as you want in charting platform><comma><Exchange><comma><Symbol name2 as it exists on our server><Enter> and so on.

    So for example, the contents of the file can be :


    and so on - as shown below.

    Important :
    1. Ensure to edit dictionary in CAPS only.
    2. Make sure that there are no white spaces in your entire dictionary (i.e. do not use Spacebar)
    3. Edit dictionary in Notepad or similar application.

  • Once the symbol names are edited, click on Dictionary Button on nimbleDataProDesk which which reflect the names - as shown below.

  • You can now request symbol in your charting platform as NIFTYJAN4700CE and it will fetch data of NIFTY12JAN4700CE from our servers.
  • You can add a new symbol in dictionary.csv even during live session. Just remember to click on Dictionary button so that it refreshes the list and shows the newly added symbol in the list.
  • Whenever you specify a symbol in dictionary, you will need to request it by same name in ALL CHARTING PLATFORMS to get the data of desired underlying from our server. For example, if you specify :


    then you will need to request data of NIFTY in all charting platforms to get data of NIFTY-I. If you create a symbol with name NIFTY-I, it will download the data from server and show in our DashBoard but it WILL NOT show in your charting platform till the time you create a symbol NIFTY.

Automatic Symbol Removal from DashBoard :

  • Example : Suppose a user has subscription of 5 simultaneous symbols and and has already added 5 symbols in DashBoard. When he selects a 6th Symbol in charting platform, it will remove the first added symbol from dashboard automatically and add the new symbol - keeping the symbol count of 5 in tact. Prior to this implementation, user needed to delete the symbol from dashboard manually when count equals maximum allowed - before adding new symbol.

Important Notes :

  • At any time in future if you reinstall your Technical Analysis / Charting Platform, you must install nimbledataProPlus again for that platform.
  • For up-to-date list of supported platforms, please Click Here.
  • There exists a limitation on number of symbols which user can use simultaneously. This number depends on user subscription. In trial mode, user can download data of any 20 symbols simultaneously. For paid users, this limit is 200 symbols. To increase number of allowed symbols, you should contact us (at extra charge).
  • The data from our servers flow over internet to the user's computer. If you are behind a corporate firewall / proxy server, you may need to open certain ports to allow transfer of data to-and-fro between our servers and your computer.
  • Many of the today's anti-virus, external firewall applications may prohibit data transfer between our products on your computer and our servers - considering this as a 'virus-like' activity. You will need to consult the providers of such platform to understand how to add our products in their exclusion list and allow data transfer between them.