nimbleDataProPlus / nimbleDataPlusLite User Guide

System Requirements :


       CPU - 700 MHz or faster Pentium or equivalent processor.
       Hard Drive - 60 MB of hard disk free space.
       Minimum Memory - 128 megabytes (MB) of RAM.

Operational System:

       Windows based Operating System : Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP SP2 or later. Supports all 32 bit / 64 bit Operating Systems (Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7).

Internet Connection :

       A Stable broadband internet connection - 512 kbps or higher recommended.

Any of the below mentioned Charting / Technical Analysis Software - duly installed and running :

    AmiBroker for eSignal - Version 5.2 or higher.

  • MetaStock Professional for eSignal - Version 7.2 or higher.
  • Advanced Get for eSignal - Version 1.5 or higher upto version 9.
  • NinjaTrader 6.5 / Ninja Trader 7
  • Ensign for Windows / Ensign10
  • ELWAVE 9.6
  • Bull's Eye Broker
  • MultiCharts
  • Updata TraderPro

Important Notes :

  • We have tested our product for satisfactory working in the listed technical analysis and charting platforms. However since these platforms continuously evolve - which we don't have control on - you are requested to see if everything is working as expected in all the target platform(s) you wish to run our data with, during trial period. This is required even if you are running any of the target platform(s) as mentioned above.
  • You will need to set your Timezone to India (GMT+5:30).
  • nimbledataProPlus supports the listed platforms only. If you want us to include any new charting platform, please mail us at
  • The data from our servers flow over internet to the user's computer. If you are behind a corporate firewall / proxy server, you may need to open certain ports to allow transfer of data to-and-fro between our servers and your computer.
  • Many of the today's anti-virus, external firewall applications may prohibit data transfer between our products on your computer and our servers - considering this as a 'virus-like' activity. You will need to consult the providers of such platform to understand how to add our products in their exclusion list and allow data transfer between them.