GFDL-Pi Trading Bridge :

In latest version, we are extending support for chart trading facility through AmiBroker for Pi Trading Terminal.

  • Trading Bridge provided by us is the interface between AmiBroker and the Pi Trading Terminal. This Bridge manages most of the tasks associated with placing buy/sell orders. Without this Bridge, users need to place order in their trading platform manually when the signal triggers in AmiBroker. However with this Bridge, whenever signal triggers in AmiBroker, the order will be placed directly in Pi Trading Terminal provided by Zerodha.
  • How it works ?

  • Features :
    • Simple to use interface. Comes loaded with a sample strategy for testing (see it working - Download Installation & Setup Video)
    • No Programming Knowledge is required to use this Trading Bridge.
    • Supports multi-symbol, multi-strategy, multi-chart setups (see it working - Download Video)
    • Can be applied to already-live trading system without writing / editing any code - drag-n-drop operations (see it working - Download Video)
    • Supports Buy/Sell as well as Short/Cover orders (doubles quantity automatically for stop-and-reverse type of orders).
    • Automatically picks up the pre-defined order parameters (exchange, client id, product type, order type, order quantity, disclosed quantity, symbol name) alongwith dynamic parameters (order price) from the chart and directly feeds it to trading platform - as soon as signal is triggered in AmiBroker.
    • Support for 'Line Pair Trading (LPT)' to enter/exit positions based on positions of 2 user-drawn lines (Buy & Sell) in Chart. (see it working - Download Video)  
    • Users can use LPT & strategy-based trading exclusively or combine them in any manner. For example :
      • entry by LPT and exit by LPT - users trading short term trends or part-time traders or people without programming knowledge.
      • entry by strategy and exit by LPT - useful for profit-protect / stoploss orders
      • entry by LPT and exit by strategy - useful if you login late or decide to trade a signal after some time but once entered, want to exit as per the strategy only.
      • entry by strategy and exit by strategy - useful for traders who trade on readymade trading strategies from strategy vendors, traders who have their entry/exit rules written and prefer to follow the rules strictly
    • Supports 'Manual Trading (MT)' to enter/exit positions by clicking on Buy/Sell buttons in chart. What is this ?
    • Generates Trailing Stoploss for existing user strategies - even if it does not exist in original code. What is this ?
    • Generates Target Based Exits for existing user strategies - even if it does not exist in original code. What is this ?

  • Minimum Requirements
    If you need this facility, you will need to have following :
    1. AmiBroker
      Compatibility :
      1. This Trading Bridge is written for AmiBroker Standard, Professional or Ultimate Pack Pro Editions and can be tested even in free trial edition. We have tested it on latest Official Release 6.0 and works just fine in AmiBroker running on Windows XP, Windows 7 (32 bit / 64 bit) and Windows 8.
      2. We have briefly tested Trading Bridge in AmiBroker Version 5.2 to 6.0 (stable releases - not RC or any Beta Versions) and it seems to work fine - except one problem. The popup window that shows order details as soon as the order is triggered is small and does not contain all order details. This is so because these versions of AmiBroker had small sized popup window of 'fixed' size and provided no way to define a custom (bigger) window. However, this is only a 'display problem' and it sends correct order with all relevant details to Pi.
    2. Realtime data from us (Any of our data products)
    3. Trading Bridge (provided free of cost by us for all our data platforms and is included with the standard installation as an introductory offer)
    4. Trading Account with Zerodha providing latest Pi Trading Terminal (Consult your broker)

e.   Pi Bridge (API) installed by Zerodha