nimbleDataPro - User Interface:

  1. When you run AmiBroker for the first time after installing AmiBroker and nimbleDataPro(TM) it will present you with the login screen as shown below.

     Copy-Paste the username / password details received in the activation mail and click OK.

  If you are not able to log in then check following.

        1. User id of trial takers starts with the word DEMO and that of paid users start with the word PAID. Please use the correct user id / password pair to login.

        2. You have entered the user name / password correctly - use copy-paste to avoid typos

        3. Validity period of demo / paid subscription has not expired

        4. You have not logged in from another computer

 Remember that "No News is a Good News". If no message pops up after you entered the login details, most probably you logged in successfully. Check the bottom bar of AmiBroker for the status of the database. If it is showing OK in green colour as shown, then you are done.

Database Connection Status Messages :

WAIT Status Before Logging In

OK Status after successful Login

DOWN Status after Login Failure

 Do not try for more than 3 attempts - your user id will be blocked by our servers and it will take more than normal time to bring its status back to normal.

  2. Once you login, blank DashBoard (without any scrips) will open. Once you click on any scrip in AmiBroker, it will first show the already existing data in AmiBroker and then will intelligently backfill if there is any missing data after the last candle in AmiBroker. If the market is running, it will also start downloading its realtime quotes in AmiBroker.

     From now on, everytime you start AmiBroker, you will need to click on all the scrips for which you need simultaneous realtime data. A quick way to do this will be to move all your scrips to any Watchlist or Favourites folder and then Scan this folder for ANY trading strategy through menu Analysis>>Automatic Analysis>>Scan button. Which strategy you use for scanning does not matter - we are using this technique to quickly add all scrips to nimbleDataPro Dashboard. You can even select the default strategy provided by AmiBroker which is located at AmiBroker\Systems\ .

Example : In AmiBroker, there are 6000 scrips and selected 200 scrips are moved to Favourites folder (right click on the Scrip name in AmiBroker's Symbol Window and select 'Add to Favourites' to add those symbols to Favourites folder). Then in Automatic Analysis, Scan this folder (by selecting it after clicking on 'Define...' button and select 'Apply to>>Use Filter' radio button). See the screenshot below and make the settings exactly as shown and use Scan button.This will keep Scanning your selected Scrips every 5min and add them to DashBoard, even if there is any internet disconnection / reconnection.

  3. After successful login, the DashBoard will open up automatically as shown below.

     Dashboard Overview :

         * User Name : In the title bar of the DashBoard, it shows your User Name.

         * No. of  symbols used / Max. no. of symbols : This shows total no. of active symbols v/s maximum no. of symbols allowed for the user. e.g. 8/100 means there are 8 active symbols whose data is being fetched in AmiBroker as against maximum no. of 100 allowed.

         * Hide DashBoard : You can click on either of these buttons (MINIMISE or CLOSE). Once clicked, it closes the DashBoard but data flow remains active. It simply hides the Dashboard to System Tray. To see the DashBoard again, double-click its icon on the task bar in the System Tray, as shown below.

         * Online Help : Clicking on this link will open Help Page in your browser.

         * Expiry Date of Demo OR paid Subscription : This shows the expiry date of your subscription. You will be able to access the data on this date.

         * Active Symbol List : The names of the Symbols currently active. The data for the symbols shown in this area is ONLY downloaded in AmiBroker. At the same time, if your AmiBroker contains any symbol which is not included in this list and you want to see data of that symbol, simply click on that symbol name in AmiBroker and it will be automatically added to DashBoard and data for the same will be downloaded automatically.

           The numeric column in active symbol list area shows the number of bars downloaded for that particular scrip.

         * Refresh : This refreshes DashBoard display so as to reflect no. of bars downloaded or recently added scrip. It has got nothing to do with  data flow to AmiBroker.

         * Delete Scrip : This deletes the scrip from the DashBoard. This DOES NOT delete the scrip from AmiBroker. Deleting the scrip from DashBoard simply means that data for that scrip is not downloaded in AmiBroker. To start downloading the data for the deleted scrip, simply click on its name in AmiBroker.

         * Stop Datafeed : This logs you off from the server and stops downloading the data into AmiBroker. To resume the data download again, you will need to log-in again in the log-in dialogue box that appears after you stop the datafeed.

         * Search for Symbols : Click this button to see the list of available symbols and to add any of the available symbols to AmiBroker. This opens up a new Window as shown below.

Quote Search Window Overview :

         * Search : Enter at least first 3 characters of scrip that you wish to search and click Search Button. All scrips starting with the letters mentioned in the search text box will be displayed below.

         * Search Result : This list will display all scrips under current exchange, / segment which start with the letters mentioned in the search text box above.

         * Add a Symbol : Select any number of scrips from the left hand side list and click on Add button to add them to the right hand side list. You can select multiple scrips by clicking on desired scrip names keeping CTRL button pressed. Press CTRL+A to select all scrips from the list.

You are not done yet : Now in order for these newly symbols to be displayed in AmiBroker, click on File>>Database Settings>>Configure Button and then click OK (as shown below). Once this is done, newly added symbols will be displayed in Symbol List in AmiBroker. Unfortunately, this is the only way to add symbols to AmiBroker programatically at the moment.

         * Existing Symbols : The right hand side shows all symbols whose data will be downloaded in AmiBroker.

         * Remove a Symbol : You can remove any number of symbols from existing symbols by clicking on them (press CTRL to select multiple symbols). Removed symbols are then removed from DashBoard as well.

  Removed symbol is NOT removed from AmiBroker database. It is simply removed from DashBoard so that its data is not downloaded in AmiBroker. This way, you can control which scrips data is downloaded in AmiBroker.

Time and Sales Data (Window) :

From version 1.5 onwards, nimbleDataPro will show Time and Sales Data (Window). To know how to enable T&S Window in AmiBroker, please Click Here and Here