Tips and Tricks :

  1. Read this page COMPLETELY before starting the installation and update.

  2. Download latest version by visiting Download Section

  3. Install it normally. If you need help for normal installation, please Click Here

  4. It is recommended that you install and run it for the first time during non-market hours - so that all historical data is downloaded and saved quickly.

  5. When running for the first time, it is also expected that you finish the historical data download in single login and without internet disconnection. Please wait patiently and ensure that all symbols show all historical data, before disconnecting internet or logging off.

  6. Make sure that menu File>>Database Settings>>Local Database Storage is set to 'Enabled'.

  7. When you start AmiBroker for the first time after installation, login screen will be displayed. Login using your user id / password normally.

  8. If you are using demo copy of the product and have received the user id and password in email, enter the same in the login screen shown above to start your trial. To request user name and password, register on our website by visiting Registration Page

  9. Click on menu Tools>>Preferences>>Intraday tab and change 'Realtime Chart Refresh Interval' to 1 (for standard and trial Edition) OR 0 (zero) for Professional Edition, as shown below.

 10. Once you login, blank DashBoard (without any scrips) will open. Once you click on any scrip name in AmiBroker's Symbols Window, it will first show the already existing data for that symbol and then will quickly backfill if there is any missing data after the last candle in AmiBroker. If the market is running, it will also start downloading its realtime quotes in AmiBroker.

 11. If you need readymade scriplists, download them from our Download Section. To know how to add multiple symbols at once to AmiBroker, please read this.

 12. From now on, everytime you start AmiBroker, you will need to click on all the scrips for which you need simultaneous realtime data. A quick way to do this will be to move all your scrips to any Watchlist or Favourites folder and then Scan this folder for ANY trading strategy through menu Analysis>>Automatic Analysis>>Scan button. Which strategy you use for scanning does not matter - we are using this technique to quickly add all scrips to nimbleDataPro Dashboard. You can even select the default strategy provided by AmiBroker which is located at AmiBroker\Systems\ .

Example : In AmiBroker, suppose there are 6000 scrips and you need to track realtime data of only 200 of them, then move those 200 scrips to Favourites folder first (right click on the scrip names in AmiBroker's Symbol Window and select 'Add to Favourites' to add those symbols to Favourites folder). Then in Automatic Analysis, Scan this folder (by selecting it after clicking on 'Define...' button and select 'Apply to>>Use Filter' radio button). See the screenshot below and make the settings exactly as shown and use Scan button.This will keep Scanning your selected Scrips every 5min and add them to DashBoard, even if there is any internet disconnection / reconnection.

Important : DO NOT close Automatic Analysis Window during market hours - just minimise it so that it keeps itself running and scanning all stocks every 1min / 5min as per your choice.

 13. Important : When you add any symbol to AmiBroker for the first time by using Autmatic Analysis>>Scan, ALWAYS go to Symbols Window in AmiBroker and click on newly added symbols ONCE before closing AmiBroker. This ensures that AmiBroker saves data of all those symbols in its database. If you add 200 scrips to AmiBroker using Automatic Analysis, you will still need to follow this procedure ONLY ONCE for all those symbols.

Tips :

After AmiBroker starts, nothing happens. Realtime data does not start for any symbol.

  1. Click on symbol name(s) in AmiBroker>>Symbols Window OR

  2. Save frequently used symbols in some folder (say Favourites) and Scan this folder after logging in (as explained above).

I entered the symbol, it is also added to the DashBoard but it is not showing any chart.

Symbol name has to be in CAPITAL. So NIFTY-I is the correct symbol name but Nifty-I, nifty-i are incorrect symbol names. Although they will be added to DashBoard, no data will be fetched for such incorrect symbol names.

I have followed exactly as you directed and AmiBroker is downloading the data but the data is not saved in my computer. It is downloading everytime from internet after every login.

Please check following.

  1. Check if you are using the latest version of the product. To download the latest version, Click Here.

  2. Check AmiBroker menu File>>Database Settings>>Local Database Storage is set to 'enabled'. If it was set to 'disabled' then make it 'enabled', close and restart AmiBroker and download data once again. Follow the procedure for data download as given above.

  3. You should have either AmiBroker Standard OR Professional OR Ultimate Pack Pro Edition. Trial edition of AmiBroker does not save data in local computer. You can check your AmiBroker edition in menu Help>>About AmiBroker dialogue box.

My Amibroker shows incomplete data of few symbols - how to redownload their entire historical data ?

Since only incremental data is downloaded from servers, it sometimes may happen that a few scrips show only a few days of historical data - typically when its previous backfill operation could not be completed for any reasons. In  such a case, follow the procedure as given below to download its entire data in AmiBroker.

  1. Make sure that the symbol for which you want to download entire historical data is not selected in any of the AmiBroker charts.

  2. From nimbleDataPro Dashboard, delete that symbol. Click on symbol Search and add that symbol again by searching it. Click on OK.

  3. Now nimbleDataPro will download its entire historical data from server, ignoring already existing data in AmiBroker.

  4. Click on the symbol name in AmiBroker. It should now show complete historical data for that symbol.

If for any reasons the above does not work, you can delete that symbol from AmiBroker, close and restart AmiBroker and add that symbol again - which definitely works.
 When you delete an existing symbol and add again, it downloads historical intraday data of latest 1 month. So if you had larger historical data, it may get lost.

I have lots of historical data (or the one which we send to you everyday after market hours). Can I import it in realtime database ?

As per AmiBroker User Guide, you should not do this because realtime Bridges can delete externally added data anytime 'at their will' but here is how you can accomplish this using our product.

  1. Open realtime database. DO NOT login.

  2. Import whatever historical data you have in this database. If you want to import historical data sent by us in this database, use the procedure as explained here

  3. Save the data (File>>Save All).

  4. Login to nimbleDataPro normally. You will observe that realtime data is now appended to downloaded historical data.

  5. Important :

         * DO NOT import EOD data into realtime database.

         * Also, DO NOT import any data which has basetime interval other than basetime interval of our realtime database (which is 1 minute currently) as this may corrupt the existing database.

         * In case you are importing huge intraday history (beyond 2 months), remember to increase the 'Number of Bars' in File>>Database Settings to a sufficiently higher number - else AmiBroker will truncate the latest data.

  6. For any reasons (such as incomplete data visibility) if you reinsert the same symbol using Symbol Search or by deleting it from AmiBroker, you will need to import historical data again in AmiBroker using procedure as explained above.

I have added historical data to my realtime database. However when I click on a few Symbols, they show only historical data in Charts. They are neither added to the nimbleDataPro DashBoard nor their realtime data is downloaded in the charts.

In AmiBroker, enable menu View>>Symbol Information Window and set General>>Use only Local Database to 'No'. This will instantly download recent data of that Symbol as well as streaming quotes, if market is running.

After logging in, I did Scanning and my dashboard contained 15 symbols which I use. But after sometime, it is showing only 1 or 2 symbols in DashBoard.


My charts was updating fine - but stopped updating suddenly and not updating now, even though my internet is working fine.

This may happen if there is internet disconnection / reconnection. To remedy this, use any of these solutions.

  1. Click on symbol name(s) in AmiBroker>>Symbols Window which are missing OR

  2. Double-click on any chart. This will add all those scrips to DashBoard whose charts are open in AmiBroker OR

  3. Recommended - Save frequently used symbols in some folder (say Favourites) and keep Scanning / Exploring this folder after logging in (as explained above).