AmiBroker - Omnesys (NestPlus API) Trading Bridge  - Setup :

  • AmiBroker Omnesys Trading Bridge is included with all our data products as a part of standard installation. So you will first need to install nimbleDataPro as explained Here followed by database creation as explained Here
  • Once installed, start AmiBroker, go to menu Tools>>Bridges and verify that both the Bridges - for data and trading - are displayed as shown below.

  • Open a new blank chart from menu File>>New>>Blank Chart

  • Drag and drop the latest version AFL on this blank chart from Charts Window>>GFDL-NEST folder - as shown below (if Charts Window is not enabled, you can do so from View or Window menu)

  • It will then display following warning + usage instructions message - as shown below.

  • To hide this message, right-click on chart>>Parameters>>Chart Display and Sample Strategy>>Hide Usage Instructions from Chart?>>Yes - as shown below.

  • Here we finish the Setup of Trading Bridge link between AmiBroker and Omnesys NEST Trading Platform. To know how to use this Trading Bridge in real-life, please see next chapter 'How to use'.