Installation :

  • When run, the installer detects and installs AmiBroker on your computer (if it is not present already) or skips AmiBroker installation silently if AmiBroker is already present on your computer.
  • These installation steps are common for all Windows (TM) based operating systems i.e. Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, XP (Home and Professional Editions), Vista and Windows 7 (32 bit / 64 bit) Windows 8.

 Depending on your Operating System and the anti-virus that you use, you may be presented with screens prohibiting running of the installation procedure. You will need to grant the 'all privileges' / move the installation application to 'trusted zone', etc., so that the software is installed fully without any problems.

 It is necessary that you close all other programs to ensure complete installation. If you are re-installing AmiBroker over previous installation, close all and any instances of AmiBroker, if they are running.

  1. Kindly Register in order to activate your trial / paid subscription.We will send you activation details (user name / password) once we receive your request through registration.

     Demo activations are processed batchwise twice everyday during working hours so wait patiently for an email from us. Once you submit the registration form, you will immediately receive an auto-responder mail from us. If you do not receive the auto-responder mail even after 5 minutes of submission (assuming that you have entered your email id correctly in the Activation Form) , please check your SPAM folder and if it has landed in your SPAM folder,  white-list it and move it to Inbox FIRST. If you do not see activation mail in your Inbox in 24 hours, check your SPAM folder again. If Activation mail lands in your SPAM folder, move it to Inbox FIRST so that you will continue to receive all future mails from us.

     Chat with representative online ONLY IF you do not receive any mail from us in 24 hours after submission. Please DO NOT contact immediately after submission as processing takes time and instant activation is not possible.

     Trial will be rejected for incomplete / fake details submitted. Please read our FAQs to know more.

     In order not to burden our servers, we allow limited number of demo accounts at a time so it is quite possible that your demo request is processed  after 1-2 days. Unless we have valid reasons, we will not reject demo request from any user.

2. Following things will happen automatically during this install :

        1. nimbleDataPro(TM) - the realtime data downloader will be installed on your computer.

        2. AmiBroker - The installer will check if AmiBroker is already installed on your computer else will install trial of latest AmiBroker first. If AmiBroker is already installed then it will skip AmiBroker Installation.

        3. All-in-OneTradePro(TM) - the automatic signal generation System will be installed on your computer.

3. Continue the setup as shown below.

     On clicking next, setup will check if AmiBroker is already installed on your computer. Else it will install AmiBroker trial first, as shown below (if AmiBroker is already installed, you may skip reading the AmiBroker Installation Section and proceed directly for data component installation.

4. AmiBroker installation is pretty straight-forward. Just follow the installation selecting default settings, as shown in the screenshots below.

     Click Next.

     Read the License carefully and proceed further by selecting 'I accept the Agreement'.

     Select AmiBroker installation directory. Unless you have compelling and valid reason, do not modify the default directory setting shown.

     Click Next.

     Review AmiBroker installation settings above. If there is anything that you wish to change, you may go back and change it. Once you are done with changes, click on Install.


     If you have followed all instructions properly, AmiBroker should be installed successfully and you should see screen as shown above. Unselect Launch AmiBroker checkbox above because data component is yet to be installed. Click on Finish to finish AmiBroker Installation.

     As soon as AmiBroker Setup is finished, installation setup of nimbleDataPro(TM) will begin next. It is very important that you close AmiBroker if it is running now for successful installation of data components.

  If you get any error, most probable reasons and remedial action is :

  Sl No.

Description of the error

Probable reason


Could not update AmiBroker / Broker.exe

Either another instance of AmiBroker is running or even if you have closed AmiBroker, the AmiBroker process is still running in the background. You will need to close process Broker.exe by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL or restart Windows and start installation process all over again.


Any other error

It could be because of your firewall settings / anti-virus settings. Try installing after disabling your firewalls / anti-virus temporarily.


     If you still face any error, Contact Us with screenshot of the error and  as much information as possible, for quick remedial action.

     Please note that AmiBroker is fully functional and you can test all its features, including realtime data, Automatic Analysis (Exploration / Scanning / Backtest / Optimization), etc. in the trial edition. The only limitations of AmiBroker Trial Edition are :

        1. It runs as Standard Edition. However, even in Standard Edition, you can see realtime  data updation, tick-by-tick. To know difference between Standard and Professional Edition, Click Here.

        2. It does not save data i.e. once you close AmiBroker and start it again, all previous data will disappear. This limitation will automatically be removed once you register your copy of AmiBroker by purchasing it.

     Close AmiBroker now and proceed with installation of nimbleDataPro(TM), as follows, which will resume as soon as AmiBroker installation is complete.

  5. Click Next.

     Click Next.

     Close AmiBroker if it is open now and click on Next.

     Browse and select the AmiBroker installation directory if the shown directory is not correct. Please note that it is very necessary that you choose correct path here else nimbleDataPro(TM) will not be loaded in AmiBroker.

     Click Next.

     Review the summary page and click on Install.

     This marks successful installation of nimbleDataPro(TM). Click on Next.

     Following screen will be displayed.

     Click on Finish button. This marks the end of installation process.

     After clicking on FINISH button and if you have checked ‘Launch AmiBroker’ above, it will automatically start AmiBroker and present screen as shown below. If application is installed properly, the next screen will show AmiBroker message regarding new plug-in installation. Click on OK.

     On clicking OK button above, AmiBroker will start and display screen as shown below.

This marks successful completion of installation of nimbleDataPro and AmiBroker. After this, you will need to create a new database and add symbols as explained in the Next Session.