How to Activate the license :

Paid users receive 1 set of user id / password and 1 set of license id / password (i.e. 2 sets in total). The user id / password pair which begins with word DEMO or PAID is to be used to logon to our data servers EVERYTIME when you want to get the data from our servers. The license id / password pair - which has numeric license id - is to be used to register your computer at our server. This is a ONE-TIME registration process. Once you follow the procedure given below, this dialogue box will not appear again - except in cases when your subscription expires OR your system clock is set backwards for any reason.

Given below is the procedure regarding how to use the numeric license id / password pair to register your computer at our servers. Please note that this license id / password is sent only to paid users when they subscribe to nimbleDataPro for the first time.

Please check your inbox / spam folder for a mail titled “Global Datafeeds - Activation Details for RT Data Package !!!” (users registered before June 2011) OR ”Global Datafeeds - Activation Details for nimbleDataPro !!!” (users registered after June 2011). This mail contains the your license details.

Note your license id, password in the activation mail. Once AmiBroker starts and dialogue as shown below is displayed, select “Activate nimbleDataPro Activation (first time activation) OR Activate renewal (2nd time onwards)” option - as shown below.

On the next screen, select “Activate nimbleDataPro Activation Online” option. Do not use other 2 options (“Activate Manually” and “Activate for Another Computer” – These are reserved until directed by our support staff).

In the next dialogue box that appears, copy paste the license id and password received through email and click on Continue button - as shown below.

  It is necessary that you are connected to internet when you are trying to activate the product else activation will fail.

  Do not try to type in the license ID and password. Use Copy-Paste to avoid typing errors. Since space is not allowed in any of these fields, remember not to copy and paste the white-space (blank space) after License ID / Password as this will generate error.

If you have typed in the details correctly, it will show Activation Successful dialogue box. Click on Continue button.

In the next screen, fill in your details and click on Continue. This will register your contact details with us which will help us identify you later for renewals, for sending important updates, etc... Once this is done, it will launch AmiBroker. In case there is any problem (internet connection error, wrong email id, not filling in compulsory fields,

etc.), it will show you this same screen (as below) again when you start AmiBroker, till the time your details are successfully entered in our system.

  If these details are already with us and entered in our system, the following dialogue box may not be shown.

Once you click on Continue, AmiBroker will start.

Henceforth, the program will run silently and will show activation reminder 3 days before the expiry of your subscription period.