Features of All-in-oneTradePro :

All-in-OneTradePro(TM) is an Algorythmic Signal Generation System in which, Buy-Sell-Short-Cover as well as various other signals are generated whenever those specific conditions are developed. Please note that automated trading is not supported. Once the signals are generated in AmiBroker, you are expected to take the triggered action using your normal ordering mechanisms i.e. if Buy Signal is triggered, you may Buy the scrip through your broker / suitable trading platform.

The features of All-in-OneTradePro(TM) are as follows.

   * This is a complete signal generation system where you do not have to write a single line of code; yet it is fully customizable.

   * The Signal Generation System gives Buy / Sell / Short / Cover signals, based on popular indicators like RSI, Stochastics, MACD, SAR, Trix, EMA, etc..

   * Completely customisable settings of each indicator for each condition (Buy / Sell / Short / Cover).

   * Indicators can work stand-alone or in combination. For example, you can generate your own Buy signal on RSI & MACD with some parameter values and Sell signal on RSI, Stochastic & EMA on same or different parameter values.

   * Signal Generation System gives Visual Alerts, Sound Alert and Human Voice Alerts. If turned ON, you will actually hear signals like "Buy Signal Triggered in Nifty at 5132.85", from your computer speakers, in human voice.

   * Shows current open position, with quantity and continuously updates your profit / loss in realtime, in one single window.

   * Shows Equity Curve based on your Buy / Sell / Short / Cover conditions to quickly reveal the effectiveness of your signal criteria.

   * Shows any number of Resistances / Supports and updates them dynamically during market hours.

   * Shows Explorations like Top Gainers, Top Losers, % Gains, % Loss, Volume Breakouts, Stocks trading above certain period MA and EMA.

We want our customers to trade wisely using all available information. We plan to incorporate many more indicators and utility Explorations with time. Do let us know what more features you would want to see in All-in-OneTradePro(TM) and we will try to add maximum possible features in least possible time-frame.

Important Note : It is expected that users choose the indicators of their choice and set the parameters as per their requirements which will change the signals automatically. The sole intention of All-in-OneTradePro(TM) is to provide a starting point for the users to make their own trading system WITHOUT HAVING TO DO PROGRAMMING, using various given options. All-in-OneTradePro(TM) is not tested by us on any scrips from the aspect of returns / profitability, etc. Even the default parameters may not give you any profit.