1.Once AmiBroker is installed (if it is not installed, please Click Here), you will now need to create a new database so as to see Indian Stock Market Data - as shown below. This is a one-time setting that you will need to perform.

2.This will open a Window as shown below. Enter the database name to be created (you may choose any name and location as per your requirements) and click on Create Button as shown below.

3. From the 'Data Soruce' drop-down box, select 'nimbleDataPro', as shown below.

4.Enter 50000 for 'Number of bars' and '1 minute' as the Base time Interval as shown below and click on 'Intraday Settings' button.

5.Make Start Time and End Time as 9:00 and 16:00 and select 'Allow mixed EOD/Intraday Data' checkbox (this is very important) as shown below, click OK.

7.Ensure Database Settings as shown in the main screen below and click OK.

     On clicking OK, it will show login screen as shown below.

     If you are using demo copy of the product and have received the user id and password in email, enter the same in the login screen shown above to start your trial. To request user name and password, register on our website by visiting Registration Page

     Click on menu Tools>>Preferences>>Intraday tab and change 'Realtime Chart Refresh Interval' to 1 (for standard and trial Edition) OR 0 (zero) for Professional Edition, as shown below.

8. Once you login, blank DashBoard (without any scrips) will open. Once you click on any symbol in AmiBroker, it will first show the already existing data in AmiBroker and then will intelligently backfill if there is any missing data after the last candle in AmiBroker. If the market is running, it will also start downloading its realtime quotes in AmiBroker. To know how to add symbols in AmiBroker, please Click Here.

From now on, everytime you start AmiBroker, you will need to click on all the scrips for which you need simultaneous realtime data. A quick way to do this will be to move all your scrips to any Watchlist or Favourites folder and then Scan this folder for ANY trading strategy through menu Analysis>>Automatic Analysis>>Scan button. Which strategy you use for scanning does not matter - we are using this technique to quickly add all scrips to nimbleDataPro Dashboard. You can even select the default strategy provided by AmiBroker which is located at AmiBroker\Systems\Example.afl .

Example : In AmiBroker, there are 6000 scrips and selected 200 scrips are moved to Favourites folder (right click on the Scrip name in AmiBroker's Symbol Window and select 'Add to Favourites' to add those symbols to Favourites folder). Then in Automatic Analysis, Scan this folder (by selecting it after clicking on 'Define...' button and select 'Apply to>>Use Filter' radio button). See the screenshot below and make the settings exactly as shown and use Scan button.This will keep Scanning your selected Scrips every 5min and add them to DashBoard, even if there is any internet disconnection / reconnection.

From now on, everytime you start AmiBroker, the login window as above will appear and once you enter your credentials, you can log onto our servers and realtime data will start to flow in your AmiBroker automatically.

     This completes database creation in AmiBroker for nimbleDataPro(TM).