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Additional Symbols for nimbleDataProPlus
Price: Rs0.00 (Rs0.00 excl. GST)

Additional Symbols for nimbleDataProPlus: Add 50 Symbols (Rs311.00); Add 100 Symbols (Rs622.00); Add 150 Symbols (Rs932.00); Add 200 Symbols (Rs1,243.00); Add 250 Symbols (Rs1,553.00); Add 300 Symbols (Rs1,863.00); Add 350 Symbols (Rs2,174.00); Add 400 Symbols (Rs2,485.00); Add 450 Symbols (Rs2,795.00); Add 500 Symbols (Rs3,105.00)
All orders are processed during Working Hours only. Orders received during non-working hours are processed on next working day.
If you want to access additional symbols over and above default limit set for nimbleDataProPlus, you can purchase the same here.
Examples :
1. To purchase 50 additional symbols for 3 months subscription, select 'Add 50 symbols (Rs.311.00)' and select quantity as 3 (for 3 months).
2. To purchase 100 additional symbols for 6 months subscription, select 'Add 100 symbols (Rs.622.00)' and select quantity as 6 (for 6 months).

To purchase more than 500 symbols, please send a mail to with actual no. of symbols needed and subscription duration.