Realtime Data of National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) for NSE F&O (Futures and Options), NSE CDS (Currency) and Multi Commodity Exchange of India (MCX) in AmiBroker, MetaStock, Advanced Get, Ensign, NinjaTrader, Elwave, Bulls Eye Broker 5 and TradePoint.
NimbleNT - Tick Charts for NinjaTrader 8 (32 and 64 bit)

Hello everyone,

We are excited to introduce 2 new products to our datafeed family : NimbleDataPro2 and NimbleNT.

NimbleNT (supports NinjaTrader 8) :
If you are not aware, NinjaTrader is an award winning trading platform that can be used indefinitely for FREE!  NinjaTrader Charts, Analytics, Strategy Development and Trade Simulation features are all FREE to use, you just need to connect it to our NimbleNT market data!  On this page, we provide information on how to integrate NimbleNT with NinjaTrader 8.

We are now authorised data vendor for NinjaTrader. This brand new data product supports 32 &64 bit NinjaTrader 8, tick charts, automated trial & licensing, faster backfills - and much more.

In addition to being able to use NinjaTrader indefinitely for free, we also offer a compatible NimbleNT free trial providing a no cost option to try it out the complete solution.  The NimbleNT Free trial will be available for 3 working days (user can add upto 80 symbols from NSE, NFO, CDS and MCX during trial).  Both products use our brand new and much faster tickerplant and fully automated licensing system. If you are an existing user of any of our products, you can still use old and new data products simultaneously. 

Why pay for a platform or use a spreadsheet when you can be using the world’s most advanced trading platform for free?  Download NinjaTrader 8 now and then start your 3-day NimbleNT free trial to see how it can expand you trading capabilities!

Features :
  • NinjaTrader Authorised Data Vendor
  • Supports 32bit & 64bit NinjaTrader 8.
  • Automated Free Trial.
  • Supports Tick (realtime and historical) and 1minute data (historical 1minute, realtime tick by tick).
  • Much faster data backfills.
  • Fully automated User Licensing System.
  • Fully automated User License Transfer to new PC
  • Automatic Login. No need to enter login id, passwords, etc.
  • Supports NSE F&O, NSE Cash, NSE Currency & MCX.
  • T&S data.
We will continue to add more features like extended backfills in coming versions.

Installation and usage :
  • For step-by-step instructions with screenshots, please download User Guide (PDF) from the link : NimbleNT User Guide

    Here is quick procedure for advanced and experienced users :
  • Download NinjaTrader8 plugin from download section supports NinjaTrader - See Release Notes
  • Import Plugin Zipped file in NinjaTrader using 'Import NinjaScript' (import zipped file 'as is'. DO NOT unzip it)
  • Create new 'connection' and restart NimbleNT
  • When initialised for the 1st time, it will ask you to 'Register'. Register using your name, email and mobile no.
  • Once registration is successful, check your email and click on 'activation link' received.
  • Now proceed further in NinjaTrader. It will show you Dashboard.
  • Select required instruments from available exchanges and 'enable' them (20 symbols each from NSE, NFO, CDS and MCX can be added during free trial)
  • Create new chart. You can use 1minute or any tick periodicity

NimbleNT free trial will be available for 3 working days. If you are an existing user of any of our products, you can still use old and new data products simultaneously.

Installation and Configuration of NimbleNT with Ninja Trader 8 Video
Minimum Requirements :
  • NinjaTrader (32 or 64 bit)
  • Dotnet 4.0
  • Supported Operating Systems : as supported by NinjaTrader 8
  • If you are behind firewall, you will need to open port 4531, 4525, 943
  • You will need to grant 'all access' to our applications through your Windows Firewalls, Anti-virus, external firewalls installed by your Anti-virus programs

Subscription :
NimbleNT is available in 2 variants - NimbleNTLite (5 instruments) and NimbleNTPro (200 instruments). Except symbol limit, currently all other features of both these product variants are same.

NimbleNTLite : More information | Buy Online
NimbleNTPro : More information | Buy Online

We invite you to use our new data products for enhanced trading experience. Please share your experience, feedback, suggestions onfeedback

For installation and other issues, please contact us on Live Chat from 8:15AM to 8PM on weekdays and 9:30AM to 2:30PM on Saturdays. Our team can install / configure the product on your computer using remote desktop.

Best Regards,
Global Datafeeds Team

Release Notes :

Release dtd.29.03.2017 (
1. Fixed issue with missing instruments for NSE
2. improved performance of DropDowns in "NimbleData" window (sometimes, it feels like it hangs)

Release dtd.08.02.2017 (
1. Fixed a critical issue causing crash
2. Established compatibility with latest version of NinjaTrader 8 (version
3. NimbleNT Dashboard can now be minimised. Useful to add instruments anytime during the session.

Release dtd.30.01.2017 (
1. Now user can control visibility of zero volume ticks (required for some user strategies)
2. Defined new instruments under NFO as NIFTY_I, NIFTY_II, NIFTY_III, etc.. User can add these to see continuous contracts without worrying about rollover and merging of contracts. This is in addition to normal contracts like 'NIFTYFUT 02-17', 'NIFTYFUT 03-17', 'NIFTYFUT 04-17', etc..
Note : Backadjusted symbols (NIFTY_I,etc.) are defined as Stocks.
3. Automated License Transfer facility added. Now user can transfer their license from one computer to another automatically with few clicks.

Release dtd.24.01.2017 (
1. Assigned correct PointSize and TickSize to NSE CDS Instruments (no need to manually define the same now)
2. Fixed Time and Sales Window update issue for NSE CDS instruments
3. Auto reconnection mechanism added (after internet reconnection after disconnection). If there is a large gap, you may need to reconcile chart data i.e. you will need to select 'Reload Historical Data' from chart context (right click) menu

Release dtd.23.01.2017 (
1. Bid and Ask values were not showing correctly. Fixed.

Release dtd.19.01.2017 (
1. Established compatibility with latest NinjaTrader 8 version

Release dtd. 16.01.2017 (
1. First Public Release

Our Recommended Platform - NinjaTrader 8

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