Realtime Data of National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) for NSE F&O (Futures and Options), NSE CDS (Currency) and Multi Commodity Exchange of India (MCX) in AmiBroker, MetaStock, Advanced Get, Ensign, NinjaTrader, Elwave, Bulls Eye Broker 5 and TradePoint.
NimbleMTP - Realtime Charts for MTPredictor

Realtime Data of Indian Stock Exchanges in MTPredictor

Hello everyone,

We are excited to introduce a new data product to our datafeed family : NimbleMTP

NimbleMTP (supports MTPredictor) : Global Datafeeds is now authorised data vendor for MTPredictor.

Free trial of NimbleMTP will be available for 3 working days for all available exchanges (user can add 5 symbols per Exchange NSE, NSE_IDX, NFO, CDS and MCX during trial).

About MTPredictor :
MTPredictor is a Technical Analysis Software Program that is based on Steve’s Griffiths unique “Isolation Approach” to Elliott Wave Analysis. Steve has 30 years’ experience in the markets and has consolidated this experience into one, easy to use, software program that takes the best from the simple ABC Elliott Wave Pattern, and has combined it with Professional Position Sizing to create Automatic Trade Setups. MTPredictor does not stop there, it also has a unique Volume based Trade setup based around the “Professional Money” and is designed to catch “fake outs” as Professionals shift sentiment at Market Tops and Bottoms.

MTPredictor also has a number of Manual Tools, including the Decision Point (A leading tool designed to project “in advance” support and resistance zones) that will help the Professional Trader, isolate and then analyse potential trade setups. all the time focusing on keeping small losses small and Profits large.

MTPredictor was launched in 2001, and for over 16 years now has served Traders all over the world. It does not matter what Markets you Trade (Futures, Stocks, Currencies or Commodities), MTPredictor is there for you, finding trades and helping you control your Trading Risk.

MTPredictor has a special Purchase Price of MTPredictor for Indian Customers. For more information and to purchase, please see

Free Trial :
NimbleMTP free trial will be available for 3 working days. If you are an existing user of any of our products, you can still use old and new data products simultaneously.

Installation and usage :
No separate installation is required for NimbleMTP. Just install latest MTPredictor on your computer and choose 'GlobalDataFeeds' as source for data.

Installation and Configuration of NimbleNT with Ninja Trader 8 Video

Minimum Requirements :
  • MTPredictor 8 or later

Subscription :
NimbleMTP is available in 2 variants - NimbleMTPLite (5 instruments) and NimbleMTPPro (200 instruments). Except symbol limit, currently all other features of both these product variants are same.

NimbleMTPLite : More information | Buy Online
NimbleMTPPro : More information | Buy Online

Important Information  - please read before taking a subscription :
MTPredictor currently supports opening of charts of limited instruments. Kindly take a free trial of the data product and make sure that charts of required instruments are opening in MTPredictor. As of now, MTPredictor does not support Options Charts and NSE Indices charts. Also, charts of newly added isntruments might not be available in MTPredictor. Please note that cancellations / refund of data subscription is not possible on any grounds.

We invite you to use our new data products for enhanced trading experience. Please share your experience, feedback, suggestions on feedback

For installation and other issues, please contact us on Live Chat from 8:15AM to 8PM on weekdays and 9:30AM to 2:30PM on Saturdays. Our team can install / configure the product on your computer using remote desktop.

Best Regards,
Global Datafeeds Team

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Buy Online Now!
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