Realtime Data of National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) for NSE F&O (Futures and Options), NSE CDS (Currency) and Multi Commodity Exchange of India (MCX) in AmiBroker, MetaStock, Advanced Get, Ensign, NinjaTrader, Elwave, Bulls Eye Broker 5 and TradePoint.

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Realtime data of National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) for entire Futures and Options Segment (F&O), NSE Currency Derivatives (NSE CDS) and MCX

Low latency realtime data with ultrafast delivery. True tick-by-tick data with time-stamp of 1 sec. (smallest candle size is 1min)

Futures & Options of all months, of all stocks / indices and for all strike prices are available (NSE and MCX).
(choose from more than 35000+ symbols).

Symbol Format
NSE F&O : Back-adjusted Futures (example NIFTY-I, II & III) as well as Futures Series (example NIFTY11JULFUT, NIFTY11JUNFUT)
MCX : Currently, only Contractwise symbols are available (example CRUDEOIL14JANFUT.MX, GOLDPETAL14JANFUT.MX)
NSE Currency : Currenctly, only Contractwise symbols are available (example USDINR14JANFUT.CD, EURINR14JANFUT.CD)

Data Download Method
Downloads data of multiple symbols simultaneously.

Data Fields
The data contains Open, High, Low, Close, Volume, Open Interest*, Bid*, Bid Size*, Ask*, Ask Size*, Trade Size*, Change and % Change for all symbols.

Realtime Quotes Window for Streaming Quotes
The streaming quotes containing above data fields can be seen in Realtime Quotes Window (just like Market Watch in trading terminals).

Data Accuracy
Highly accurate data. All symbols report correct values for all these fields.

Data Consistency
Candles once formed do not change after application restart / backfill next day.**

Data Backfill
NSE F&O : Intraday history of 1month (1min format) and EOD History since January 2005 is available for all symbols.
MCX : Intraday history of 1month (1min format) and contractwise EOD History.
NSE Currency : Intraday history of 1 month (1min format) and EOD History since August 2008 is available.

Data with no gaps - irrespective of when you start your computer, the data will always be continuous without any gaps (backfill is entirely automatic).

Data Availability (during off-market hours)
Downloaded data is saved in charting applications. No need to connect to internet / login to our servers during off-market hours to see already downloaded data.

Low Internet Bandwidth using intelligent data recovery
Data stays in Charting Application - only incremental data is downloaded from servers on login.

Trading Plugins    
Chargeable add-on

Complimentary License
Complimentary license to use the same login id on 2nd Computer. Any one computer at a time (but not both) can be used to download realtime data.
Free for 12 months subscribers.
Else Rs.227/- per month per additional computer.
Free for 12 months subscribers.
Else Rs.227/- per month per additional computer.
Free for 12 months subscribers.
Else Rs.227/- per month per additional computer.

24x7x365 Availability of Data
You can download historical data from our servers any time for active symbols  - even during off-market hours, as per your convenience (except daily Maintenance Schedule).

Single click support directly from application

Data Portability to multiple charting platforms like :
AmiBroker, MetaStock Professional, NinjaTrader (Version 6.5. & 7.0)

AmiBroker Only

Time and Sales Window

Symbol Limit
Default limit of number symbols per segment whose data is downloaded simultaneously.
To download data of more symbols simultaneously, you need to pay additional charges.
5 symbols per segment included
Why only 5?

Rs.127/- per 10 additional symbols per month extra. See slabs
200 Symbols per segment included

Rs.303/- per 50 additional symbols per month extra. See slabs.
200 Symbols per segment included

Rs.303/- per 50 additional symbols per month extra. See slabs.

Data Usability
Intraday Data of entire F&O Segment of NSE, NSE Currency and MCX (1minute format) is sent after market hours by email in csv format.

Free for 12 months subscribers. Else Rs.328/- per month per segment extra.

Open Interest as an Indicator
Historical values of Open Interest are available so for it to behave as an indicator.

Free Algorythmic Signal Generation System
Free automatic Algorythmic Signal Generation system All-in-OneTradePro(TM)

Compatibility with Virtual machine/Terminal server
If you want to use our data on Virtual machine/Terminal server, you can subscribe to nimbledataProVM

* These are stateless fields, which means only most recent value is available (without historical data). Open Interest is a stateless field in nimbleDataPlusLite and nimbleDataProPlus - like Bid, Bid Size, Ask, Ask Size. It means that only most recent value will be displayed in the softwares which support it. In nimbleDataPro, historical values of Open Interest are saved automatically and Open Interest can be seen as an Indicator with historical values for all candles.

Currently NSE updates Open Interest (OI) after every 3 minutes. OI in MCX updates every second.

** While platforms like AmiBroker use auto-correction mechanism as soon as the candle completes, you will need to select 'Refresh' in MetaStock or 'Reload Historical Data' in NinjaTrader during / after market hours, so that the just completed candle shows correct OHLCV values.

Important Note : Although our datafeed supports features as mentioned above, we will be helpless if the charting application does not have the ability to support all the above features.Please consult our Support Team if you need further help.

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