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Mandatory Update (1.5) for nimbleDataPro

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Hello users of nimbleDataPro,

We hope this mail finds you in good health. Please read mail below carefully as some action is required from the user as described below.

Mandatory Update : A new version (1.5.3) for nimbleDataPro is released. Please note that this is a Mandatory Update. All previous versions will stop working on 10.06.2013.

Changes as compared to previous version (1.5) are:

Release Notes for Version 1.5.3 - released on 05.06.2013

  • New Versions of Trading Bridge released with following changes GFDL-NEST Trading Bridge (ver 2.1) 
  • Target Based Exit for 'Fixed Value' was not working correctly - fixed.
  • Internal enhancements in Target Based Exit and Trailing Stoploss features.
  • Realtime check not working for 'Immediate' type orders - fixed.
  • Other important security enhancements

Release Notes for Version 1.5.2 BETA - released on 06.02.2013 (now part of 1.5.3 version)

  • New Versions of Trading Bridge released with following changes GFDL-NEST Trading Bridge (ver 2.0) and GFDL-TradeTiger Trading Bridge (ver 1.3).
  • Facility added to close positions before market close. What is this ?
  • Detailed Profit / Loss Report added with built in matrices for daily, weekly, monthly, yearly reports and facility to get report between any 2 custom dates. What is this ?
  • Misc. convenience features added : Entry line, CMP Line, profit/loss status of current trade on last (realtime) candle. What is this ?

Release Notes for Version 1.5.1 BETA - released on 24.01.2013
(now part of 1.5.3 version)

  • Realtime check added to avoid ordering on historical bars for GFDL-NEST Trading Bridge (ver 1.9).
  • Introduced GFDL-TradeTiger Trading Bridge i.e. added support for Trading from AmiBroker directly on TradeTiger Trading Platform provided by ShareKhan Ltd. with following built-in features.
  • Simple to use interface with drag-n-drop operations. Comes loaded with a sample strategy for testing (see it working - Download Installation & Setup Video)
  • Zero Programming Knowledge is required to use this Trading Bridge.
  • Supports multi-symbol, multi-strategy, multi-chart setups (see it working - Download Video)
  • Supports Buy/Sell as well as Short/Cover orders (doubles quantity automatically for stop-and-reverse type of orders). 
  • Automatically picks up the pre-defined order parameters (exchange, client id, order type, order quantity, disclosed quantity, symbol name) alongwith dynamic parameters (order price) from the chart and directly feeds it to TradeTiger - as soon as signal is triggered in AmiBroker.
  • Facility to specify Slippage in chart, to place limit order price adjusted as per your choice.
  • Can be applied to already-live trading system without writing / editing any code - (see it working - Download Video)
  • Support for Line Pair Trading (LPT) to enter/exit positions based on positions of 2 user-drawn lines (Buy & Sell) in Chart. How it works ? (see it working - Download Video)
  • Users can use LPT & strategy-based trading exclusively or combine them in any manner. For example :
    • entry by LPT and exit by LPT - useful for users trading short term trends or part-time traders or traders without programming knowledge.
    • entry by strategy and exit by LPT - useful for profit-protect / stoploss orders
    • entry by LPT and exit by strategy - useful if you login late or decide to trade a signal after some time but once entered, want to exit as per the strategy only.
    • entry by strategy and exit by strategy - useful for traders who trade on readymade trading strategies from strategy vendors or traders who have their entry/exit rules written and prefer to follow the rules strictly
  • Supports Manual Trading (MT) to enter/exit positions by clicking on Buy/Sell buttons in chart.
  • Generates Trailing Stoploss for existing user strategies - even if it does not exist in original code. 
  • Generates Target Based Exits for existing user strategies - even if it does not exist in original code.

please download and run the installer from the link :

Please visit us by using appropriate links placed at the end of this mail.

Feel free to contact our Online Support Team should you need any further information.

Best regards,

Support Team

Global Financial Datafeeds LLP
Regd. Office : D3 | City Plaza | Old Mumbai Agra Road | Nashik - 422001.
Email :  On Web

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