Realtime Data of National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) for NSE F&O (Futures and Options), NSE CDS (Currency) and Multi Commodity Exchange of India (MCX) in AmiBroker, MetaStock, Advanced Get, Ensign, NinjaTrader, Elwave, Bulls Eye Broker 5 and TradePoint.
Global Datafeeds APIs

API is an abbreviation for application programming interface, which is a set of routines, protocols and tools designed to help programmers build software applications. Now you can offer real-time and historical data of Indian Exchanges to your software end users  - starting at just 1675 INR per month (less than USD30 per month) - using Global Datafeeds Real Time Market Data Feed APIs.

Types of APIs available
We have published following APIs. Developer can use any of them as per their comfort level to integrate realtime data into their platform.
  • C++ API
  • FIX 4.2 API
  • MetaStock API (coming soon)

Types of Data available

  • Realtime data per second (Level I)
  • Snapshot Data - 1min, 2min and 5min
  • Intraday Data after End of Day
  • EOD Data

Supported Exchanges
  • National Stock Exchange of India - CM Segment (Capital / Cash Market)
  • National Stock Exchange of India - Futures & Options Segment
  • National Stock Exchange of India - Currency Derivatives Segment (NSE CDS)
  • Multi Commodity Exchange of India (MCX)

  • Disseminates Level-I realtime data of NSE CM, NSE F&O, NSE Currency Derivatives Segment & MCX
  • Support for end-of-day, hourly, 15-, 5-, 1-minute, 15-, 5-second and tick base intervals
  • 1-minute History of 1 month and EOD history since 2005
  • Data-on-demand
  • Auto-refresh of quotes (subscription based)
  • Streaming real-time quotes
  • Build-up intraday histories from streaming data
  • Support for synchronous and asynchronous (event-driven) operation model. 

Who this API is for ?
  • Companies having existing commercial software application with existing userbase and wishing to provide access to realtime / snapshot price data of various instruments listed on Indian Stock Exchanges
  • New startup companies developing applications in stock market domain and want to have access to realtime / snapshot data of Indian Stock Exchanges
  • Developers of EOD Softwares wanting to expand their offerings by providing access to realtime / snapshot data to their existing users
  • Software Applications looking for delayed / snapshot datafeeds
  • Individuals / Companies wishing to use realtime / snapshot data for their internal analysis, restricting usage of developed application to single / very few users (Different pricing will be applicable). 

Who this API is NOT for ?

  • Currently, we do not support realtime / delayed datafeed for websites and mobile

How it works ?

GFDL Market Datafeed API - How it Works ?

This API is a C++ Microsoft Windows library that interfaces with the Global Datafeeds Server Systems. The API talks to nimbleDataProPlus Desk (nimbleDataProDesk.exe) and does not provide direct connections to our servers for the components developed using the API. Instead, nimbleDataProPlus Desk (our Connection Manager) manages the session with our servers while the API provides a developer-friendly interface to query and retrieve the data.

To use the API, it requires Connection Manager (nimbleDataProDesk.exe) alongwith other necessary files as installed by nimbleDataProPlus Installer. nimbleDataProPlus Desk is a stand alone application that receives data from GFDL Servers, decompresses it, stores it and distributes it to each client application connected to it.

Newer APIs (COM and MetaStock) have similar apporach for making data connection and data retrieval.

FIX API supports FIX 4.2 standard using which, platforms can request and retrieve data from our servers.

So if you are a company having commercial software and implement this API, all your users need to do is to subscribe to nimbleDataProPlus / nimbleDataPlusLite - either directly from our website or through you - to access realtime / EOD data of the supported exchanges into your software application.

Once the API is implemented by you, your users can subscribe to our data products  directly from us
(nimbleDataPlusLite OR nimbleDataProPlus) OR you can bundle our data product with your platform as a complete solution for your clients.

Programming Languages

C, C++, MFC, C Sharp, .NET, any language that can use COM / C++ libraries

Implementation Service
Do you have a ready platform but do not have required resources to implement our API ? No problems - we can help. We can implement the API in your platform and maintain it on ongoing basis. This service will be chargeable and will be charged separately. Please mail on with your requirement, for more details.

Kindly send your requirements on or speak with our Business Development Manager Mr. Sujeet Dugaje on +91-08080690002 for more details.

Companies Interested in Data Redistribution :
If you are a company wishing to store the data on your servers and redistribute the same to your users by using your own channels real time, you will need to sign redistribution agreement with the exchange and pay required fees to the exchange - in addition to our fees. For more information on exchange fees and procedure to be followed, please contact the exchange directly on their contacts given below :


We advise you to please contact the exchanges first and get all details regarding the costs and procedure to be followed. Once you are clear with exchange formalities, please contact us with your exact requirements so that we can send you offer.

  • Build your business on legal and trusted solutions. We are the authorised realtime data vendor of NSE & MCX with redundant backup network (see list of authorised NSE Realtime Data Vendors). Our Distribution Systems are reliable and proven. Thousands of professional traders, funds, brokerage houses as well as individual investors use our realtime data products to make their trading and investment decisions everyday.

  • We are the only Indian independent data vending company engaged in distribution of realtime data of Indian Exchanges into different applications. Since our data is platform independent, it can be used in your software products for any analysis / charting purpose.

  • As per our knowledge, we are the only Indian Direct Exchange Data Vendor offering API solutions for realtime / snapshot data of Indian Exchanges to independent software application developers in stock market domain.

  • We disseminate authentic, accurate and affordable realtime data with low latency having 1 second update frequency. 

  • The data spans all symbols (currently 35000+) of the exchanges / segments covered. Includes Stocks, Futures, Options as well as ETFs, Commodities, etc..

  • Our realtime data integrates seamlessly with many of the reputed charting platforms already. Thousands of professional traders, funds, brokerage houses as well as individual investors use our realtime data products to make their trading and investment decisions. Developers' can offer their products to this ready userbase immediately - apart from expanding their exchange offerings.

  • There is a large untapped trader-base who wants to analyse and use realtime data of Indian Exchanges in different platforms and our API provides an excellent way for the Developer to attract these willing traders.

  • Our API Solutions are affordable.

  • Depending on your choice, your users may purchase the data directly from us OR you can bundle our data with your platform as complete package for your user.

Developer's Agreement
Please download the Developer's Agreement and read it carefully. You will need to print, sign, stamp the same and send a scanned copy to . The entire process is explained in detail below.

Access to API will be granted only after receipt of :
  • Scanned copy of the signed and stamped Developer's Agreement,
  • Annual subscription fees towards nimbleDataProPlus, and
  • API fees

The Process
  • Kindly go through the API information on this page, download and read the Agreement carefully, Pricing as well as other details on this website - to make sure that this API is the correct choice for your requirements. You can write to in case you need any further clarifications or speak with Mr. Sujeet Dugaje - Business Development Manager on +91-8080690002. All mails are answered in less than 24 hours on working days (Monday to Friday).

  • Register as Developer on our site. Please give as much information as possible during registration. Please note that we reserve the right to grant the access to our API and incorrect, incomplete, false details are definitely rejected.

  • On registration, you should receive a mail almost instantly, which confirms receipt of your application as Developer. Please check your inbox / spam for receipt of this mail and whitelist our domain to ensure smooth delivery of all our future mails directly in your inbox.

  • You will need to subscribe to nimbleDataProPlus (annual package). Not only this is one of the mandatory requirements, it will also be needed for you during the development process. Please see  Pricing & Subscription Details

  • Pay API usage fees. See Fees Section above for more details.

  • Once you finish all the formalities, please send a mail to which contains :
    • Scanned copy of signed and stamped Developer's Agreement
    • Your paid user id of nimbleDataProPlus
    • Your Order No. / payment details of API fees.

  • On receipt of this mail and if things in order, you will receive final mail with API download procedure and related details. If there is any discrepancy, we will notify you over email.

Developer's Registration
Register as Developer on our site. Please give as much information as possible during registration. Please note that we reserve the right to grant the access to our API and incorrect, incomplete, false details are definitely rejected. To know the entire process, please see 'Process' section above.

For pre-implementation and general queries :
  • You can write to, or
  • speak with Mr. Sujeet Dugaje - Business Development Manager on +91-8080690002. 

For technical queries :
  • Technical Support before / during / after development is provided over email ONLY during standard working hours (Mon to Fri - 9 to 6PM). Please send a mail to for this purpose.
  • Support on Remote Desktop can be provided for installing our Connection Manager and demonstrating its use during initial phase (with one of the already supported software application) on Developer's computer.
  • We do not offer instant Live Chat Support for API related technical queries at the moment. However, the same is possible with prior appointment.
Note : It will be the Developer's responsibility to support users of their software application with our datafeed, once Developer develops a software application by implementing this API.

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