Realtime Data of National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) for NSE F&O (Futures and Options), NSE CDS (Currency) and Multi Commodity Exchange of India (MCX) in AmiBroker, MetaStock, Advanced Get, Ensign, NinjaTrader, Elwave, Bulls Eye Broker 5 and TradePoint.


What is Global Datafeeds ?

globaldatafeeds is the website - owned, maintained and run by Global Financial Datafeeds LLP (GFDL) - a professional setup run by like minded people, in financial market field. GFDL is head-quartered at Nashik, Maharashtra, India with Sales and Development Teams at Mumbai and Bangalore.

What does Global Datafeeds do ?

globaldatafeeds aims to revolutionize financial data delivery in India by employing a unique delivery model. globaldatafeeds caters to real time as well as End-Of-Day data needs of retail as well as institutional segment by delivering the data into the advanced Technical Analysis and widely respected Charting Platforms like AmiBroker, MetaStock Professional, Advanced Get, Ensign, NinjaTrader 6.5 and 7.0, ELWAVE, BullsEyeBroker and more. Currently globaldatafeeds delivers realtime & End-Of-Day data of NSE F&O Segment (Futures and Options), NSE Currency Derivatives (NSE CDS)  and MCX.

datafeeds plans to add more exchanges to its arsenal as soon as possible.

Is this site for me ?

The package AmiBroker + nimbledataPro + All-in-oneTradePro delivers low-latency, tick-by-tick data, directly from stock exchanges in your computer. This is a one-stop solution for intraday traders  who prefer to trade with maximum available information. If you are a serious day trader looking for a powerful yet affordable technical analysis platform with reliable, fast, tick-by-tick data directly from exchanges - you are at the right place. You may be a novice trader or a seasoned pro, our solutions fit requirements of every aspiring trader.

Our new products - namely nimbleDataProPlus and nimbleDataPlusLite deliver real time as well as EOD data into various charting platforms like AmiBroker, MetaStock, Advanced GET, Ensign, NinjaTrader  6.5 and 7.0 and ELWAVE.

What is AmiBroker ?

AmiBroker is an advanced technical analysis and widely respected charting platform - used all over the world to analyse stocks, futures, options, currencies, funds and various financial instruments. nimbledataPro(TM) uses AmiBroker as the technical analysis platform in which, it delivers data fetched from its servers - for further analysis.

To know more about AmiBroker, visit

What is nimbledataPro ?

nimbledataPro(TM) is the flagship product of globaldatafeeds through which, the data is delivered in AmiBroker. nimbledataPro acts as the interface between various exchanges and AmiBroker - delivering realtime and End-Of-Day data in AmiBroker. Currently nimbledataPro(TM) downloads data from National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) for F&O Segment (Futures and Options), Currency and from MCX. globaldatafeeds plans to add more exchanges soon.

What is All-in-oneTradePro ?

All-in-OneTradePro(TM)  is a realtime / End-Of-Day Automatic Signal Generating System. This system is perfect for those who know about technical analysis but lack the expertise to code their trading system in AmiBroker. All-in-OneTradePro(TM) generates Buy-Sell-Short-Cover signals based on most popular indicators like RSI, MACD, Stochastic, SAR, Trix, EMA, MA as well as provide realtime explorations to show top gainers / top losers, stocks trading above / below MA-EMA, stocks having volume breakouts.

All-in-OneTradePro(TM) is offered free of cost to all subscribers of nimbledataPro(TM).

What is the 'success rate' of All-in-oneTradePro?

It is expected that users choose the indicators of their choice and set the parameters as per their requirements in All-in-OneTradePro(TM) - which will change the signals automatically. The sole intention of All-in-OneTradePro(TM) is to provide a starting point for the users to make their own trading system WITHOUT HAVING TO DO PROGRAMMING, using various given options.

All-in-OneTradePro(TM) is not tested by us on any scrips from the aspect of returns / profitability, etc. Even the default parameters may not give you any profit.

I already have AmiBroker - can I buy only nimbledataPro ? Will nimbledataPro work in my existing AmiBroker ?

We have tested nimbledataPro(TM) & All-in-OneTradePro(TM) in AmiBroker versions 5.20 onwards upto 6.0 (Official Versions - Beta Versions / Release Candidates may not work). Hence if your existing AmiBroker version is 5.20 and above, both should work. If you are a user of previous editions of AmiBroker (prior to 5.20), please use trial period to make sure all features of both the products - work as demonstrated in User Guide.

What are the limitations of trial account ?

Following limitations apply for trial editions.

For AmiBroker :
  • Trial Edition will work for 30 days on your computer from date of registration.
  • Trial edition will work as Standard Edition (it will still show realtime data updation)
  • Will not save any data. You will have to import data everytime you start AmiBroker.
  • Charts with smallest timeframe of 1min can be seen.
  • Scanning and Exploration will work maximum on 5 scrips at a time

For nimbledataPro,
nimbledataProPlus and nimbleDataPlusLite :
  • The trial data account will work for 3 calendar days from date of activation.
  • The trial is on per PC basis. After taking a trial once on a computer, nimbledataPro will not allow extention of trial even if you have user different login / password.
  • Realtime data of maximum 20 symbols during the trial period. Users may choose any symbols as per their choice. Use "Symbol Search" in DashBoard to search for the symbols.

For All-in-oneTradePro :
  • It will work for 3 calendar days from date of activation.
  • The trial is on per PC basis. After taking a trial once on a computer, All-in-oneTradePro will not allow extention of trial even if you have user different login / password.
  • No other restrictions apply and user can use it freely for any number of times and for all functionalities during the trial period.
Please DO NOT request login id / password for nimbledataPro again by re-registering on our website. Even if you get new demo id / password, the system will not allow taking new trial on the Computer on which the trial is already taken.

Can I migrate from one data product to another ?

Yes - it is possible for most products. When you migrate from one data product to another, you will need to pay migration fees (currently Rs.200/- per user irrespective of subscription period ). It may take upto 24 hours during working days for migration. You will receive new license id / password corresponding to new product. Your login id / password will remain the same.

Note : If you are AmiBroker user, you will not be able to use your existing database after migration. You will need to create a new database. You should consider this from historical data perspective and export existing data to a file - so that you can import it later in your new database.
To know how to export data from AmiBroker, please read this article :

To import this data in your new database, use menu File>>Import Wizard in AmiBroker.

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