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Since 1981, Ensign has been providing traders, investors, and brokers with the best charting software. Whether you trade the markets every day or make long term decisions, Ensign Windows has everything you need to watch market trends, analyze trading opportunities, and become a more successful investor. Realtime data of nimbleDataProPlus / nimbleDataPlusLite is compatible with Ensign.

Features :

Ensign is state-of-the-art technical analysis Charting software used by thousands of active traders in over 60 countries. Enhance your trading with Ensign’s powerful charting tools and studies.  Discover the Ensign Play Back feature that allows you to replay markets with actual data…great for practicing and paper-trading your trading strategies.  Ensign is great for real-time charting and analyzing of Futures, Stocks, and Forex markets.
  • Charting – View charts in any time frame, including Tick charts, Constant Range chart, Constant Volume charts, Second, Intra-day, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly charts.
  • Layouts and Templates – Conveniently open dozens of charts, quote pages, and other windows.  Save your customized studies, colors, and parameter settings.
  • Free Forex Data – Free real-time Forex data is provided with your Ensign subscription.
  • Studies and Tools – Dozens of comprehensive studies and drawing tools can be applied to any chart.  Customize all of the settings, parameters, colors, and lines.
  • Custom Programming – The ESPL programming language is a fully featured programming language for use with advanced tools and systems.
  • Design Your Own study (DYO) – The DYO tool can be used to create and plot your own studies and to easily develop your own systems and tools.
  • Training – View dozens of short tutorial videos on the Ensign Software web site to quickly learn how to use the software.
  • Software Support – Receive professional Software Support via phone, email, and on-line chat.
  • 7-day free trial can be downloaded from their website.
We are pleased to inform you that Ensign supports our datafeed officially.

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