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Important Announcement regarding rollover of Futures Contracts Hello users of nimbledataPro,

Since it was expiry day for the F&O contracts today, you will need to add the symbols to  the nimbledataPro DashBoard again tomorrow. i.e. on 27.08.2010. Please read the following mail carefully so that you will continue to get historical intraday data alongwith realtime data for the symbols of your choice.

When you login to nimbledataPro on 27.08.2010 (or the first day after expiry of contracts), you will notice that the nimbledataPro DashBoard contains 'some' ymbol names that you have not seen before. e.g. You may see NIFTY10AUGFUT instead of NIFTY-I with no data for that symbol (since Aug contract will assume 'expired' status tomorrow hence no data). Actually this is how the symbols are as given by NSE (DotEx) but for users' convenience, we are converting given NIFTY10AUGFUT  to NIFTY-I so that you can see continuous data (back adjusted futures).

Please follow procedure as given below to remove old scrips and add new scrips to nimbledataPro DashBoard :

  • Select and delete all invalid symbols from DashBoard. You can select multiple symbols by keeping CTRL key pressed - as shown below.

  • Once invalid symbols are deleted, you can click on those symbol names manually in AmiBroker so that they are added to nimbledataPro DashBoard automatically. You can also run ANY Exploration or Scan on ALL SYMBOLS in 'Automatic Analysis' so that all existing symbols in AmiBroker are added to DashBoard automatically.

  • Once the symbols are added to nimbledataPro DashBoard, they will start downloading the historical data as well as live data during market hours.

  • If you face any trouble, please contact our live support located on page :

We are sorry for the inconvenience this time. We are working towards releasing a new version before next expiry which will take care of contract rollover automatically so that users do not have to follow this procedure every month.

Best regards,

Support Team

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