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This video is your one-stop solution for all you want to know about our products.

The video covers following things.

  • Downloading correct version of Installer.
  • Installation of AmiBroker and nimbledataPro
  • How to get trial user id / password
  • How to add new symbols in AmiBroker
  • What are Symbol linked / interval linked layouts
  • How to use pre-defined layouts
  • Detailed overview of user interface of nimbledataPro.
  • How to search symbol on server, how to add them, how to delete a symbol, etc..
  • How to add Symbols to Realtime Quotes Window
  • How to create a new chart as per users' requirements with user-defined indicators
  • How to add / insert / overlay / remove indicators
  • Detailed explanation of all-in-oneTradePro features and how to use them
  • Detailed explanation of Scanning and Exploration in Automatic Analysis Window with examples.
  • How to Scan / Explore Buy-Sell conditions in realtime

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