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Bull's-Eye Broker
Bullís Eye Broker gives you powerful insight into the market quickly and easily. Your ability to see more trends, patterns, and opportunities will save you time and give you more confidence in your trades.

Realtime data of nimbleDataProPlus
/ nimbleDataPlusLite is compatible with Bull's-Eye Broker.

Using different methods uncovers trends and opportunities that are hidden from traders using traditional bar and candlestick charts. Bullís Eye Broker gives you the ability to use multiple methods simultaneously, giving you more insight into market trends.

Supported Methods: Point and Figure, Wyckoff, Kagi, Renko, Candlestick, Bar Chars.

Features :
  • View Barcharts and Point and Figure Charts Side by Side - You can also view any combination of Kagi, Renko, Point and Figure, Candlestick or Bar charts together.
  • Flexible, Easy-to-manage Tabbed Charts
  • High Clarity Point & Figure Charts
  • Real-Time Point and Figure Charting
  • Relative Strength Charts
  • One-point Reversal Charts (Wyckoff Method)
  • User Defined & Automatic Trend Lines
  • Automatic Calculation of Price Objectives Using Horizontal and Vertical Counts
  • Link Directly to RealTime and Historical Data
  • Use Any Data For Specialty/Niche Markets
  • Standard Technical Analysis
  • Organize Your Stocks or Other Securities in Watchlists
  • FREE Stock Data Accessed Directly in the Software
  • FREE Real-Time Forex Data
  • Tap into MetaTrader forex data at no cost!

Our datafeed is officially supported by Bull's-Eye Broker.

To know more about Bull's-Eye Broker, please visit http://bullseyebroker.com

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